Technology education is a school subject that teaches K-12 students about technology, design and engineering. We live in a world where technological literacy is as important as other types of literacy. Just as we need to be taught how to read, write, or calculate, we need to have a formal structure that focuses on technological literacy. In technology education, students use a wide range of materials, tools and equipment (including computer technologies) to learn about the human-made environment. Technology education uses an investigative, hands-on, research and design approach to help students better understand the world around them.

Appalachian State University is one of only two institutions in the state preparing technology teachers, and is widely recognized as providing top-quality teachers for the public schools. Graduates of our program are in extremely high demand, both here in North Carolina and across the nation. Technology education teachers get to teach a subject they love, provide an invaluable service to students and schools, and receive competitive salaries.

We offer two certification tracks. Secondary Education addresses a broad-based technological literacy in the areas of design, engineering, communication, manufacturing, construction, and transportation technologies. Trade & Industry focuses on a specific technical field such as drafting, cabinetmaking, carpentry, or electronics. All of these are considered "high need" areas, and many districts are seeking teachers.

Join us.

If you are interested in exploring the many opportunities available to you in the technology teaching profession, contact the program coordinator.


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